The unnamed female superhero is a character in Tales of Feryon.

Appearance Edit

The superhero has green eyes and long blonde hair that she ties back into two braids.

She wears a yellow dress with blue sleeves, collar, and line around the waist. She puts her hair up in two looped side braids.

A a superhero, she wears a blue mask over her upper face, and she wears a blue suit with a white triangular design on the chest. She also lets her braids hang freely.

Abilities Edit

The superhero appears to be able to control her braids, like using them to snatch keys.


Trivia Edit

  • The superhero seems to be based off of Rapunzel, the character with long hair from the German fairytale that the Brothers Grimm put in their collection. It's unknown if she is this character or related to her, though.


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